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Darren Thorpe

Graduating from University of South Australia in 1998, Darren initially began his career as podiatrist the following year in private practice following a move to Newcastle. While completing his degree on a part-time basis on account of sporting commitments, he was able to use his time away from University to do a varied range of placements outside his University commitments with some of Adelaide’s leading Podiatrists, contacts that have been continued through both post-graduate studies at UniSA and regular attendance at national and state conferences.


In 2003, Darren established Total Podiatry Solutions in Adamstown with his colleague, Susan Reid, whilst also spending 2 years working in the public sector at the Royal Newcastle Hospital, including time at the Diabetes High Risk foot clinic. Around that time, he also spent time as a director of the NSW Podiatry Association, where key achievements included negotiating a major reworking of the legislation affecting NSW podiatrists.


Darren has since returned to Total Podiatry Solutions full-time, where he enjoys the diversity of caseload that private practice offers, with key areas of interest in sports and neuromuscular disorders affecting the feet and lower limbs.

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